I received my MFA in poetry from NYU's Creative Writing Program in 2012. My poem "Of Plenty" was selected as the 2014 poetry winner of Black Warrior Review's annual writing contests. Information about where my published poetry can be found is below.

Poems in Online Journals

Day One | "Still Life with Staring Contest"

DIAGRAM "The Kenneth Arnold UFO Sighting UFO" 

ILK | “Get Lucky” and “Overgrownly” (A boy slips…)

jdbrecords | "Coastal O"

LEVELER | "About These Ads"

La Petite Zine | “Stag” and “X-ray, Philadelphia, Jukebox”

The Mackinac | "Ode GMO" and "Horoscope for an Unmanned Drone"

Painted Bride Quarterly | “After Hours, Philadelphia, the Discovery of Fire”

Phantom Limb | “Snakeskin Wallet in a Room Where You Are Not”

Vinyl | “Meet Me on the Ice Floes After Class” and “White Suitcase with Tin Hasps”


Poems in Print

The Atlas Review, Issue 3 | “Thunder & Few,” “Verge’s Curfew”

Black Warrior Review, Issue 41.2 | “Of Plenty” (Of outskirted…)

cream city review, Issue 38.2 | “Please Be Advised, Snow Globes Are Not Allowed Through the Security Checkpoint” and “Radiant Baby”

Epiphany, Issue 14 | "Is to a Fire"

The Literary Review, Issue 57.2 | “Aubade to Depleted Ozone,” "Dunce Cap on a Martian,” and "Old Man, His Head Two Paces”

Palimpsest, Volume VII | "Burnt Myrrh & Barbeque"

Palimpsest, Volume VIII | "A Beer Run with Linda Blair,” "Jellyfish Invasion Paralyzes Swedish Reactor," and "Reply to Red"



Not Intent on Arriving

Black Warrior Review